Living with Poisons

March 31, 2019 RIVER WATCHER LIVING WITH POISONS Rex Burress There is no doubt that we live in a world wrought with danger, and people have to be alert to traffic, terrorists, and thugs in addition to extreme weather and poisonous possibilities. Perils also exist for wild animal life through venomous reptiles, toxic plants, and [...]

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The Forest Through a Child’s Eye, One Tree at a Time

Growing our programs for the whole family, Feather River Art Camp introduces a Nature Photography course for kids 6-12. interview with Ed Mickens Link to Anna's class at Art Camp Part introduction to an art form, part science and environmental awareness, and part "just for fun," Kaminska's class will expand the camp's recreational program to [...]

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Evolving Through a Glass Bead with Harlan Simon

By Ed Mickens   "Beads are something material which hint at the transcendent. Maybe beads even embody it, serving as a sort of bridge, a reminder, or at same time even perhaps harbinger, of the transcendent," writes Harlan Simon in his blog (  Harlan Simon loves glass. Not only does he create glass beads of [...]

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Finding Joy in (Just) Four Strings

By Ed Mickens “The ukelele is an awesome instrument,” says Larry Ferrara. “It’s easy to learn and play, even for absolute beginners. In just a few lessons, I can introduce people to a new art form—making music—and know that they’ll take that experience home with them, maybe even explore more. I find that very satisfying.” [...]

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