Drawing from Nature  ~  with Karen LeGault

Anyone can draw!

Have you ever been some amazing or quiet place really inspired to try to capture it in a drawing or sketch?  Drawing, colored pencil and pastel, maybe watercolor – from plants, flowers, water, rocks, insects and trees, is the focus of this class. Using a variety of mediums, such as charcoal, pencil,  pen and ink, colored pencil, pastel and any other mediums you wish to explore, we will practice seeing and translating forms from the natural world into works of art.

We will sometimes work very loosely and other times with meticulous detail. There is an emphasis on understanding what makes a plant or floral image seem alive and natural. Skills in basic drawing, composition and shading enable you to “draw from your experience.”  Whether you want be able to do quick field studies or create masterpieces, this class is recommended for beginners through more advanced participants.

Independent study is available for long practicing art officionados. Feedback and direction is given as is seen helpful or requested.

Spontaneous meditative experiences may occur and we might even surprise ourselves once in a while!


Sketchbook, bristol (smooth) plate,  minimum size 11 x 14. Strathmore is a good brand

pencils, 6b, 4b, 2b, fb, 2h, 4h, 6h

soft white eraser, kneaded eraser

drawing stumps

drawing pen, .o5 is good

colored pencils, – Blick, Prismacolor or Mars-Staedler brands preferred, the more colors the better

optional: chalk or oil pastels

Karen LeGault

“I am joyfully committed to visual poetry, light, transformation and healing, through paintings that bring energy and serenity into the world.
Teaching art since 1993, Karen shares a lifetime of exploration in drawing and painting arts with adults and children of all ages. Observant and intuitive, she meets you where you are at and encourages you to evolve beyond a momentary limitation.
She recognizes that you will bring your own sensibility to the techniques and exercises presented while drawing out your inner artist.”
Collected widely, Karen’s Asian Fusion Watercolors are  enjoyed by art lovers all over the world and can be found in local Oakland public collections at Summit and Highland Hospitals, and the Public Records building.