Art Camp Interviews

Julia Montrand

Leslie Lethridge

What people said about Art Camp:

I had made wonderful trips to Africa, many to Europe, South America and the South Pacific. None however compared to having a wonderful week doing art, enjoying the outdoors and getting the greatest food all prepared for you.
…diversity of choices in art endeavors, nice people – staff and campers – highly qualified teachers.
The teachers are knowledgeable and very supportive. I like the opportunity to try out other mediums. Great place to explore many artistic endeavors.
I really enjoyed the classes but also the afternoon workshops as a way to sample other activities.
…the chance to experience the multiple art experiences.
I like the schedule of classes and workshops but with lots of time for sitting in the woods and by the river.
Art! Fun people Collaborative process. Good food! Not having to shop, cook or clean up!
Camaraderie, seriousness about art, teachers generosity, beautiful setting, Rivka’s massage.
The ability to have one complete week to focus on art in a beautiful surrounding.
It was a great chance to be around like-minded artistic people. I loved the opportunity to focus on something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.
The people, the atmosphere, the camp, Tai Ch
Getting to interact with other arts-loving folks in a beautiful setting and spending time in nature and the swimming hole.
Class topics are great and varied.
Meditative time to concentrate on art. Level of instructors – all are amazing artists and all seem to enjoy teaching.

Where else can you work in such a beautiful spot, do focused work, have time and opportunity to “dabble” in many art forms, or just “chill” away from the city with a group of fun, wonderful people.

Everything about this camp is crazy good, *art* *art* *art* workshops, the sound of the river* nature* nature* art*. The total art immersion for a whole week with a group of other artist beings – there’s nothing like it anywhere else I’ve ever been.


The freedom I felt to create was thrilling. I felt the freedom I felt in kindergarten.

I loved that classmates were so generous and helpful with each other, the skill and warmth of the teacher, the environment, the people. It’s restful, spiritual, a bargain, beautiful, the best people I’ve ever experienced…

Learning new things, great instructors for the classes and workshops. Everyone was so positive and helpful.


Great ambiance, people, choices of activities.

Teacher was amazing – location was amazing – vibe perfect – it was amazing! One of the best camp experiences ever. Far surpassed expectations.

The professionalism of the teachers and quality of the classes way exceeded my expectations!



Great people, great food, great setting, good for introverts and extroverts!

With the spirit of art and the sharing of talents it was a positive growth experience.

I just loved the welcoming feeling on arrival, the friendly campers, the willingness to help if needed, and the classes.


Its a wonderfully creative environment – great people, artists, teachers, staff at camp.

Its the most wonderful camp ever, I tell my friends to start saving their money for next year.

I loved everything, the place, people, food – mostly the open beautiful space and time to create and play. The instructors and staff were great!


Loved the expertise of campers, the art classes, socializing/ networking.

One-time workshops are a great way to learn skills without taking a full day session. Great way to meet like-minded people in an environment that is free from the daily distractions of your home or work life.

I loved the instructors, my class was all I hoped it would be…. appreciated the Tai Chi every morning.

Fun, very productive!

…A great way to relax, meet new people, be cared for and be creative.

I loved the Tai Chi every morning, it was a great way to start the day.

There is an amazing positive vibe that is infectious!