Brush Painting Workshop ~ with Karen LeGault

As a bonus, this is an extra afternoon workshop for two days open to anyone who is interested.

In a centuries old tradition, using bamboo brushes, sumi-ink and watercolor on rice paper, we paint from nature. It  might be grasses, flowers, trees, rocks or water. Looking at the inspiration of old masters, while seeing what is around us, we try out different types of brush strokes for various subjects and gain confidence in translating from the natural world onto paper. The experience is meditative — a wonderful way to immerse yourself in both the worlds in you and around you.

Complete beginners are welcome. If you don’t know how to draw, this is also a good way to begin to develop your drawing skills. If you know how to draw, it is a great way to expand into some brush skills!

Materials and student brushes are provided. You can order your own good and basic brush for $25.

Karen LeGault

Karen LeGault BA SFSU, an exhibiting artist, painting since 1967, professional since 1993, has a special interest in fusing Eastern and Western concepts and techniques. Her work is in public collections such as the Alameda County records building, Sutter Hospital, the newer critical care facility at Highland Hospital and numerous private collections. She has taught at many North and East Bay venues, including 8 years at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, and currently teaches classes privately in her studio and on zoom as well as workshops at the Botanical Garden and Mendocino Art Center.