“The perfect joyful blend of nature, creativity and camaraderie”

Inspirational Art Retreat

Feather River Art Camp is a unique outdoor art experience, art retreat and creative community that annually springs up like a gypsy camp in the woods for one whole glorious week in June. We welcome you to join our hive of productivity, experimentation and learning. Observers and participants alike are impressed with the beauty, comprehensiveness and quality of the art created in one short week.

Whether our campers are novices, hobbyists or master artists,  Art Camp clearly provides the opportunity for a surge of creative energy and the inspiration to fuel and enlighten the rest of their year.

By and for artists and creative arts explorers, Art Camp for adults at the Oakland Feather River Camp has been an annual event since 1993. Instructors are a talented group of recognized arts professionals who teach classes in their specialties. They are dedicated to making Art Camp the uplifting, memorable, sharing, and developmental experience that it is known to be.


When you register, you pick one class that you will focus on during the week. You also pick a second choice class in event that your first choice class is cancelled. You will meet every morning with the same instructor and group of students. This enables you to get in some in-depth experience with your subject.

Afternoon and Evening Workshops

In the afternoons and evenings you select from a full program of complimentary one-time workshops that are offered by each of the instructors. You can take as many of these optional workshops as you wish. These workshops are approximately 2 hours long. They are included in your camp package and available to you at no extra cost. The materials for these workshops are also complimentary. This enables you to try a little of everything while completing at least one substantial main project or experience.

The driving force of spirit and energy that keeps instructors and students coming back is Karen LeGault, director and implementer of Art Camp since 2003. Karen is a longtime artist and instructor who began teaching at the camp in 1999 and quickly fell under the spell of the spiritual and natural beauty of the place.


Gratitude is extended to our many return campers who promote the excitement and joy of Art Camp to their friends, families and associates. We are grateful for the spirit of sharing of Feather River Camp and for the excellent instructors who so generously share their expertise, kindness and insight. We thank our staff who graciously serve Art Camp and keep it up and running smoothly.

Art Camp provides many opportunities to develop friendships and collaborations. We welcome all who join us in this wonderful week of fulfilling creativity, nature and enjoyment!

Is this You?

Whether you come back year after year or are new but would love to join us:

Do you want to deepen an art practice that you already have?

Do you want to expand into another medium?

Is there an art form that we offer that you have been thinking about trying out?

Are you an artist who is working alone and could use some group inspiration?

Can you benefit from expert instruction or mentoring?

Have you been thinking about getting back into art after putting off your creative side for a number of years while working or raising a family?

Is there an art or craft you have thought about taking up but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to activate your creativity to stimulate other areas of your life?

Is your idea of “heaven” a week in the woods making art?

Is there a story or some poems you have been thinking of writing and need a boost?

You don’t need to already be an artist, crafter to come to art camp!

If you have a desire to delve into a creative art form under professional tutelage in the company of upbeat folks in a gorgeous natural setting, Art Camp may be for YOU!