Pine Needle Basketry

Create a basket made from the long-needled Coulter pines which grow in the Santa Lucia Mountains of Los Padres.

Learn how to begin a coil using raffia and pine needles to create a unique design with one of four distinctive stitches.

Students will complete a unique and fragrant vessel and have the skills and knowledge to continue exploring this art form.

Raffia, pine needles and darning needles are provided by the instructor. Students must bring a small pair cuticle scissors.

Carolyn Zeitler

Carolyn Zeitler graduated from San Jose State in 1976 with a degree in ceramics and weaving.

Three years later, while working as a fire lookout in the Los Padres National Forest, she began what has become a lifelong pursuit of basketmaking.

Carolyn’s basketry combines the traditional approach of working with pine needles often using the shapes and designs of ceramics.