Bleach and its preparation and Inspiration in Art  ~  with TheArthur Wright

a one afternoon workshop open to all Art Camp students

POINTIFLET! What the heck?

This is a extra, fee based, three afternoon workshop that can be taken in addition to your morning choice. It is not a choice for a morning class.

To make it easy to understand it is nothing more than pointillism, plain and simple. I use bleach in POINTIFLET, and a skewer, emery boards to keep the point of the skewer as pointy as I like, which can range from a fine sharp point to using the other end of the skewer which is quite blunt. Any and everything in between.

The first day will be used to find out what we are in for by using bleach as the main, or only, medium, and, in itself, is kind of mundane but I think the results can be spectacular. We will learn how to do this, at least in the way I intend to present it, with room for personal creativity and hopefully enjoying the process. I use pointillism, or POINTIFLET, if you will, to create my art but the choice is personal and brushes, sponges, spray pumps, no matter, I have used many of them and each can do something the others cannot.

I do this on paper rather than cloth because the minute amounts of bleach used is not often meant to disperse and I need precision.

I expect many questions and hope to  have many answers.


All materials will be provided by the instructor.

These include paper, fabric for anyone who want to try the two differing items, perhaps an apron with rubber gloves for those who feel the need for them, but bleach is water soluble and eaily washed off from skin with soap and water, we have all seen how bleach treats cloth! So be careful, and if not careful, be good! There will be a few other itinerant items as well. A nominal material fee will be determined by the instructor.

I was born in Little Rock Arkansas in 1940. Three years later during the Second World War the family moved to Seattle where my father found defense work at Boeing Aircraft (as it was named then) Company. Joining the Air Force after graduation I spent three years in Japan, a country that impressed me then as it still does even after all these years. After getting my discharge I attended Central Washington State College in Ellensburg for a year then moved to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area in October 1964. I am the father of four children, three robust young males and a lady. My first writings were published in the early seventies and my art sold well initially but I semi-retired for a time and after nearly a 20 year hiatus I started painting again in 1994.

My career has given me a lot of interesting things to do, including a call to Hollywood, short-lived however, and then becoming a board member of the Artship, a renovated ship of war that became a seaborne arts venue in Oakland that was discontinued in 2004. My first internet sale in 1997 was to a person from South Africa and one of the most recent to a Swedish representative of the Carnaval, a huge and sprawling global celebration that deals intensively with the peoples of the African Diaspora. For the 2003 Carnaval in San Francisco my bleach rendering of ‘Califia, Queen of California’ was chosen as the poster cover for that event. I have since been shown and honored in various schools and colleges such as Stanford, UCLA, Sonoma State and Santa Rosa JC and a much longer and growing list. The introduction of bleach into my art has been a huge catalyst and in it I find enough nuances to explore to take me the rest of the way. At present I am on the board of directors for Prescott-Joseph, a non-profit community organization located here in Oakland, California.