Ukulele Workshop

During art camp you will have the chance to learn and play the ukulele in two afternoon group classes, open to all art campers. There will also be opportunities to meet with the instructor individually.

The ukulele classes will focus on chords, picking patterns, and strumming to songs and pieces being studied. Solo ukulele works will also be learned. During the group sessions you will be introduces to the techniques and musical language of the ukulele in a positive and enjoyable setting.

During a week of Ukelele you will learn the chords, strumming, and melodies for each of the songs studied, with the goal of playing them at the end of each class both solo and in ensemble. Each day will focus on the learning of one or two songs. Learning to play the ukulele will be studied in a fun, relaxing, and non-judgmental way.

It’s all about the joy of making music! In addition to the strumming techniques, and picking patterns, each class will focus on the learning of a ukulele solo, as well as collaborate in ukulele and voice duets along with other fellow campers.

To clarify, this workshop will be offered to all art campers and is not a morning class.

Larry Ferrara

Larry Ferrara

Larry Ferrara is an active music teacher and guitarist in the Bay Area. He teaches group classes and ensembles at City College of San Francisco. Mr. Ferrara holds a master’s degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Mr. Ferrara is the author and performer of a sequence of music books titled The Student Repertoire Series for Guitar, Vol. 1 and 2, with accompanying CDs, published by Guitar Solo of San Francisco. The texts have been arranged and adapted for the Ukulele.