Zero Waste Garment Making

It is no news that the fashion industry creates a significant amount of waste. Even before clothes are sold, 15% of the fabric used to make them ends up in the landfill as fabric scraps.

In this class, you will learn creative pattern and garment making techniques to make clothes from scratch without generating any waste. From creative ways to cutting patterns and repurposing fabric scraps, to mending and upcycling techniques, you will learn the base of zero waste garment making by making a Kimono Robe together. You might have to create an additional 1-2 garments , which you will be able to go home wearing. A $40 dollar materials fee is payable to the instructor at the first class meeting. All experience levels are welcome.

What we will learn:

  • zero waste pattern making
  • scrap reuse
  • upcycling
  • mending techniques
  • how to make a garment from beginning to end, using your technique of choice
  • hand/ machine sewing based on your choice/ availability

Included materials:

  • various fabrics and textiles for garment making
  • thread
  • hand sewing needles
  • buttons and other trims
  • measuring rulers/tape
  • chalk
  • pins

What to bring:

  • scissors
  • notebook for note taking
  • sewing machine (with needles and thread) – not required/optional but encouraged
  • any garments/ bed sheets you would like to mend/ repurpose/ transform
  • any special fabrics you may want to use
  • extra measuring tapes and chalk if you have

Dominique Flaksberg

Dominique Flaksberg specialized in low waste fashion design during her undergraduate studies at Parsons School for Design. Initiated by the zero waste mentor Timo Rissanen, she immersed herself in different ways to make fashion more sustainable, from sourcing, to production to product discard.

She has been a finalist for fashion prizes including the AARP Inclusive Design Award, the Parsons School of Design Social Innovation Prize and the Eyes for Talent Award. She has worked with sustainable brands like Study NY and EIleen Fisher, as well as conventional fashion brands like Anna Sui and Abercrombie and Fitch.

Dominique currently dedicates her life to teaching and experiencing ways to reconnect to nature, exploring ways of creating without further damaging our environment. From kindergarteners to adults, she believes there is no “right age” for learning, and sees creativity as a tool to further connect to the cycles of nature that we are a part of.