Bija Flowing

A movement class that will be offered to all Art Camp participants every morning at camp- 7:30 am and open to all who wish to attend.

This class is an exploration of our own universal embodiment, where we apply a paradigm shift of ‘movement beyond thought’. In this way of holistic movement, we can begin to ‘attune’ purely through our ‘global sensory awareness’.

In class, we will begin to do this by re-orienting our sensory perspective through our Physical Center – Our Radial Center. We will move slowly through a series of forms which I call ‘Bija’s’ (Seeds). These forms are designed to globally engage our body’s Fascial System – our universal sensory system.

As a result of the global engagement of the body’s Fascia, these forms are simultaneously energizing and restorative. If anyone is experiencing pain or discomfort, I will be available for both workshops where specific issues can be addressed through this approach, as well as individual sessions, if so desired.


As a child, I could sense that I was different. I translated life through a language that others could rarely understand, and which seemed to be unique to my perspective. Just as music flows palpably through our bodies on its waves of sound, I can similarly perceive the frequency of all structure and form palpably through my physical being. I can quite literally feel the frequency of form in my body, just as one might feel music. This is a profoundly symphonic comprehension that is beyond words, which, as a child, I very often could not find to express what I was sensing.

I eventually came to realize that frequency was, and still is, my true language – my native tongue… I call this the ‘language of sentience’, and it is within the sentient realm where I believe our organic, natural intelligence resides. Intelligence that dwells beyond thoughts and words, concepts and ideas. Intelligence that is meant to collaborate, rather than conflict, with our temporal intellect. Intelligence that belongs to our sacred realm of Being; embodied. This sentience flows in deep, harmonic attunement with the dynamic synergy, synchronicity and symmetry of our living dimension. It is the embodied awareness of simultaneously being and inter-being with all that is.

This embodied, frequential language has become an expression that I call ‘The Tau of Equipoise’. The Tau of Equipoise is an expression of Quantum Embodiment; a return to our true nature. This is a profoundly freeing return to the original essence of our Embodied Being.

The Tau of Equipoise serves to regenerate the synergistic global architecture of our physical body, restore our universal sensory connection and return us to our holistic birthright of Unified Being. The result is a fluidly interwoven, harmonically attuned and powerfully embodied presence; the alchemy of embodied unity. Your true nature awaits you…

Ceiba has been in professional practice for almost 25 years. The Tau of Equipoise has emerged as her original work, though her beginnings are rooted in the work of Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, Dr. Guy Voyer and countless other mystics, pirates and revolutionaries…

Ceiba has been teaching The Tau of Equipoise via workshops and classes for 15 years, both in the U.S. and Latin America. She is currently establishing a conceptual events movement, called ‘The Reservoir ~ Submerge’, through which she curates and presents the unique expressions of others in beautiful spaces and places, so that we may give rise to our collective inner genius.

Ceiba Sebastian – The Tau of Equipoise