Mosaic Art

In this workshop you’ll learn all kinds of basic mosaic skills while having a blast building yourself a long thin (approximately 25 x 3.5”) mosaic piece that can be hung outdoors (or indoors)!

Do you know someone who says “I just don’t have any more room on my walls for new artwork!”? Well, they’ve clearly never seen a mosaic stick, which can basically be hung in all types of nooks and crannies in and around your home! They can hang in entryways, fence posts, dock posts, wall ends, strange and dark corners of your bathroom, trees, etc.

Alternative Projects

If you are interested in this workshop, but want to supply your own substrate in a different shape, you are welcome to do so. There will be a chance to  discuss  your project idea with the instructor in advance of the camp.

You should take this class if you are interested in:

  1. Mosaic art
  2. Tesserae (the materials mosaickers use to create their work) and where to buy them.
  3. Learning about a variety of tools that will help you cut and shape hard materials like stained glass, glass gems, ceramic tiles, crockery, mirror, etc.
  4. Creating a substrate (which includes a hanging device) that can withstand year-round weather, even freeze/thaw!
  5. Tips on how to design for mosaic, how to transfer a design to your substrate
  6. Beautiful ways to cut and lay your tesserae to create a sense of flow and harmony.
  7. Coloring grout and using more than one color of grout in a single mosaic.

There will be a selection of tools to use and experiment with on a share-with-the-classmate-next-to-you basis, so if you have your own tools (glass cutters, scorers, nippers, tweezers, etc.) please bring them.

A variety of beautiful tesserae (mirror, crockery, stained, tempered, and other forms of glass) will be available, but there is no guarantee that you will get exactly the perfect color in the quantity you will need, so you are welcome to bring your own.

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Supply fees:

Sliding scale depending on use of materials $35 to $45 payable to instructor at the first class and over the week as necessary.

Susan Crocenzi

Susan Crocenzi is a contemporary mosaic artist whose innovative and exuberant work is recognized worldwide. Her work has been featured in the highly competitive Mosaic Art International exhibit twice, and in many regional exhibits over the past ten years, including the prestigious Crocker-Kingsley (2019). You’ll find her work in several mosaic books, the cover of a college textbook, a number of polymer clay print publications, and in several blogs. She has contributed to large-scale installations in Canada and Chile, and has taught workshops all across the US, Australia, Mexico, and Canada. She is a native Northern Californian, currently living in Sacramento with her dog, Blue.