Arts and Crafts for Kids ~ with Jocelyn Michael

This class will be more precisely planned depending upon who signs up and class members’ interests, age levels and skills.

Geared to ages 6 to 14, is all about exploring and creating at our own ever expanding level and interest. Everyone be invited to dig in to the materials and explore as suits them best in a safe, teacher-led and inspired environment. It can be an opportunity to write our own stories, either as a whole group or with a partner or alone, hopefully to present as a puppet show or book to our family and friends at the end of our week at Art Camp as well as create other artworks.

Puppets are a safe zone for performance, with the puppeteer usually hidden behind the scenes. Each participant will have the opportunity to create a puppet or two using their newfound—or expanded—sewing, painting and sculpting skills. We may explore clay, papier mâché, or both. These skills can be transferred to any number of experiences. We will explore before and beyond the puppets during the week with cooperative storytelling, improvisation and possibly a bit of singing and poetry.

We hope to also have opportunities to explore making and writing books. The first project will be a process journal in the Kirigami style. We will go on to create pop-up books and dream or goal books using a multitude of tapes, papers, ribbons, and more and include collage, drawing, painting and—hopefully—writing.

I’m hoping to enjoy a bit of air dry pinch pot and/or fresco work during some of our unfilled class time, but … we shall see.

Let’s create!!!

Jocelyn Michael

Raised by parents who actually met in a college art class and nurtured with plenty of music, art and theatre experiences and classes – including never camping without art supplies -Jocelyn Michael went on through life exploring her creativity and performance skills.

The last ten-plus years of her career teaching in public schools were all about the joys of music and art, where she taught in her classroom studio between 450 to 700 students every week, thrilled by a myriad of “ah-ha” moments and sparkling eyes.

Grab a paintbrush! “Go Forth and conquer!”