Book as Vessel with Leah Virsik

Spend a fantastic week creating simple book structures and filling them with meaningful personal content. We’ll start off simple with the pamphlet stitch, the accordion and move on to advanced ways of binding single sheets. You will use and develop a variety of ways to fill your books using collage, embroidery, drawing and collaboration.

Learn through demonstrations, exercises and handouts. An interest in precision and prior bookbinding experience is helpful but not required.

Please bring the following: bookbinding toolkit including: bonefolder, bookbinding awl, self-healing cutting mat, ruler and triangle or ruled square, i.e. (Omnigrid), craft knife, i.e.: (X-Acto knife with no. 11 blades), scissors, favorite mark-making tools: a pen and/or pencil, (UHU) glue stick, $30 materials fee for cut papers, boards and additional materials.

If you’d like to paint and collage bring: plastic squeegee (or old credit card), medium (Golden gloss medium), cheap 1-inch wide glue brush (Tap Plastics has cheap ones), acrylic paints or watercolors, paint roller and brushes. My recommendations are in parentheses but use what you have or what is available.) 

Leah Virsik enjoys the process of making things. A natural collector, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and resources. In her teaching, she strives to meet students where they are. Optimistic and with a love for learning she’s open to alternative possibilities when her creative explorations don’t always go as planned.
Leah exhibits her work and teaches book arts and collage classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is an exhibiting artist at Mercury 20 Gallery with a solo show opening March 26, 2020.